ZOE SPELT organic fermented drink concentrate, 0.75 L

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Buy 3 or more – pay less!

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Introducing a new ZOE product – an organic fermented spelled grain drink concentrate! It is another product in the ZOE line, saturated with live good bacteria and retaining all the unique properties of a naturally fermented product. It is a real charge of energy and well-being for your breakfast or lunch table. When eating foods enriched with ZOE good bacteria, you will not feel the usual difficulty, the food will be digested extremely easily, as well as easily digested food will be removed from the body, while all the nutrient energy will remain for you. It is not for nothing that we say that ZOE is the food of the future today!

The living good bacteria in the ZOE oats porridge help maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria in the body, strengthen the immune system, help get rid of digestive problems.

Ingredients: water, organic spelt flower 10%, sourdough (cultures of biologically active lactic and bifidobacteria), acidity regulator sodium carbonates.

Nutrition per 100 g of product: Energy value 74 kJ / 17 kcal, fat 0.2 g, of which 0.06 g of saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates 2.82 g, of which 0.09 g of sugars, protein 1.1 g, salt <0.03 g.

Minimum amount required is 1 teaspoon per glass of drink or as a sauce for each meal. It is not a medicine or a dietary supplement.






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