ZOE oats drink concentrate with SEA BUCKTHORN, 0.75 L

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Introducing a new ZOE product – a fermented oat drink concentrate flavored with sea buckthorn juice. It is a product of the ZOE line, saturated with live good bacteria.

Net weight: 0.75 L.

Storage conditions: at +2°C – +18°C, protected from direct sunlight. After opening, consume within 45 days.

Best before: see packaging.

Manufacturer: ProBIOduktai UAB, Mechanizatoriu str. 10A, Luksnenai, 64381 Alytus district.

Country of origin: Lithuania

Ingredients: drinking water, oatmeal* 18%, sea buckthorn juice 8%, sourdough (cultures of biologically active beneficial bacteria: the number of mesophilic lactic acid bacteria – at least 1×108 CFU/ml, bifidobacteria – at least 1×108 CFU/ml, Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus – at least 1×108 CFU/ml, Streptococcus thermophilus – at least 1×108 CFU/ml), acidity regulator sodium carbonates.
* You can find gluten (allergen) as a permissible limit and other tests here: Tests

Nutrition per 100 g of product:  Energy value 295 kJ / 70 kcal, fat 1.4 g, of which 0.24 g of saturated fatty acids, 11.77 g of carbohydrates, of which 0.16 g of sugars, 2.52 g of protein, salt 0.02 g.

ZOE concentrates are saturated with live good bacteria, so taking ZOE will enrich your daily diet.

– Take one teaspoon with each meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner. If you eat more often, use ZOE more often.

– Add undiluted concentrate to food (porridge, soup, salad).

– Or make a ZOE drink: add one teaspoon of ZOE to a glass of water or juice, stir and drink with food.

Here are some other important rules for using ZOE:

– Add ZOE concentrate to cooked dishes when the food has cooled down and will not burn on the palate. Wait for the food to cool to at least 40 degrees;

– It is recommended to add ZOE concentrate to raw foods (mixed foods, salads, mashed fruit desserts, etc.) in advance and allow the food to ferment.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to use within 45 days of opening the bottle.

2 reviews for ZOE oats drink concentrate with SEA BUCKTHORN, 0.75 L

  1. Aušra Lamauskienė

    Užsisakiau produktą su šaltalankiais,patiko skonis,toks su rūgštele.Kadangi vartoju dar tik kelios dienos,tai nelabai galiu vertinti,bet žinau vieną,kad tai buvo pirmas mano įsigytas produktas,bet tikrai ne paskutinis.Ačiū ZOE.

  2. sigita.brazdeikiene

    Produktas su Šaltalankiais man pats skaniausias. Pirma kartą jį užsakius iš karto atlikau ekserimentą. Po persirgimo Covid greit peršaldavau, skaudėjo gerklę. Sutapimas ar ne- bet tik gavusi produktą- pirmą dieną net kelis kartus gerklę gargaliavau su 100% koncetratu. Kitą dieną nebejutau jokio gerklės perštėjimo. Tad žiemos sezonui vėl užsisakiau būtent su Šaltalankiais. Ačiū ZOE.

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