Frequently asked questions

General issues

These are foods of plant origin (soups, porridges, pancakes, salads, drinks) enriched with ZOE.

ZOE is most effective with plant foods.

Prepare probiotic food by simply adding ZOE to:

* drinking water, juice, compote;

* cooked but chilled food of plant origin (soups, stews, porridges, pancakes, etc.). So that you can eat right away;

* raw, uncooked food (mixes, salads, mashed fruit desserts, etc.). It is advisable to eat such food after a short wait, preferably after a few hours of fermentation – then the products become especially tasty and fragrant.

The difference is that probiotic food is food of plant origin enriched with ZOE – live good bacteria. Vegetable food (both “raw” and cooked) is digested (processed-fermented) by good bacteria. It is they that, by multiplying in food of plant origin, synthesize everything that the human body needs – both proteins and vitamins, and all the other nutrients the body needs, which are free of toxins and slag.

For many novice consumers, the smell and taste of ZOE can be unpleasant, especially the smell. The logical question is, is the manufacturer unwilling or unable to produce ZOE without a strong sourdough odour? Let’s think – every fermented product, even cabbage, has a unique smell because these products are NATURAL and so created in nature that they have the smell of fermentation. An acidification medium saturated with live bacteria causes these odours. All claims that sourdough can be odourless are questionable, and if the sourdough does not have a natural fermenting odour, its quality is also questionable. ZOE is a probiotic beverage CONCENTRATE, so the product has a sharper than normal sourdough odour.

Other uses

In fixed containers, ZOE is layered, which is a sign of deep fermentation. A clear liquid formed at the top and is most effective for inhalation use.

It is best to use a compressor inhaler (one that blows air while empty).

Add 2 to 3 grams of pure ZOE to the inhaler (if you do not have a well-established clear liquid, you can filter it beforehand). It is advisable to inhale at least twice a day for 5-10 minutes.

You can use ZOE to apply to skin, wounds. It is possible to make masks for hair; it is best to dilute ZOE with baking soda and use instead of shampoo. Rinse with water for a few minutes.

After diluting ZOE with water, it is possible to fertilize houseplants, grown vegetables, grasslands. A great natural remedy for your garden.

Cheer on your pets by sprinkling their food with ZOE.


It is best to keep ZOE bottles in a refrigerator or other cool place (such as a basement) away from direct light sources, direct sunlight, before you use them.

Once in use, it is best to keep the ZOE bottle in the refrigerator with the stopper slightly opened. It can also be stored at room temperature for daily use. In a warmer environment, the bacteria will only be more viable, but don’t overdo it – if you get too much heat or direct sunlight, the bacteria can start to “pop” the screwed bottle.

If the taste is sour, then everything is fine with it. Remember, ZOE is not a sourdough, but a sourdough concentrate, so it is natural for you to feel a sharper smell after a long time. Just keep the bottle open for a while and the strong odour will disappear. The ZOE must be shaken before use.