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    • Address: 94 Foster Ave. Rockaway, NJ 89800
    • Telefonas: 684-990-345-389-5623

    About us


    UAB ProBIOduktai is the first company in Lithuania to start producing concentrates enriched with live good bacteria. It was decided to call them ``ZOE`` - in ancient Greek it means ``Life``. The name fully reflects the purpose of the products: to pursue a healthy and happy life. More than one thousand consumers have already said a sincere THANK YOU for our products, so to inspire people for feedback, we cherish and improve these products further.

    Short story

    ZOE has managed to change several times in a relatively short period of time. The first version of it was launched in 2016, and for the first users became known as Turbo Raugas. This product was improved and became more and more attractive, therefore in January 2020, a closed joint-stock company ProBIOduktai was established, which started mass production of concentrates. The products saw the light of day in Vilnius, in Naugarduko Street, in the premises of a small cafe. The first pancake wasn’t very successful, it needed some kind of push. Realizing this, in October 2020, the founder of the company Ramūnas Račkauskas shook hands with Donatas Jurgelionis and Stasys Guzevičius, who became the company's shareholders and equal partners. Things have moved forward strongly, the demand for ZOE products has been growing, so at the beginning of 2021 production was moved to Alytus district, Luksnėnai, where a concentrate production plant was established. From the very beginning, all technological and production processes are supervised by a professional team of food technologists and chefs.

    In the autumn of 2021, after Ramūnas retired from the company, a well-known Lithuanian nutritionist, Jonas Damkus, joined our team and together with the company's technologists created an improved version of ZOE. We are pleased to introduce it to consumers today. The products have become even more useful and versatile, with an increased variety of good bacteria. Current ZOE concentrates are safe and reliable organic products with time-and consumer-proven quality.

    What is EM technology?

    The EM Technology™ is a tool that combines specific technical knowledge and probiotics called EM ™ (Effective Microorganisms™). This mixture of microorganisms and the “know how” make EM™ a unique product on the market, available in liquid form, at room temperature, with viable microorganisms and ready to go into action. Besides they are not harmful, nor pathogenic, nor genetically modified, nor synthesized in the laboratory. In addition to this, we work with well-known natural probiotics, such as lactic acid bacteria that promote antioxidant fermentation processes, accelerate the decomposition processes of organic matter and favor the balance of the microbial flora, among other benefits.


    Our goal is to give consumers the opportunity to try out the highest quality Lithuanian products, to stimulate the demand for Lithuanian products in foreign markets, to be one of the leading companies in our field.

    ZOE - the food of the future today!

    UAB ``ProBIOduktai`` +370 603 84522

    Food business operator registration number in the VMVT list 330000622

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