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  • Address: 94 Foster Ave. Rockaway, NJ 89800
  • Telefonas: 684-990-345-389-5623

About us


UAB ``ProBIOduktai`` is the first company in Lithuania that started producing concentrates of live and active beneficial microorganisms (good bacteria) based on the deep fermentation technology developed by Ramūnas Račkauskas. Beneficial microorganism concentrates were named ``ZOE`` which means ``Life`` in ancient Greek. The name fully reflects the purpose of the products: to achieve a healthy and happy life. More than one thousand users have already said a sincere THANK YOU to our products, so inspired by people's feedback, we nurture and improve these products further.

Short story

The history of beneficial microorganism concentrates began in 2012 - that's when Ramūnas Račkauskas started looking for a ``turbofood`` recipe. During four years of testing and research, using deep fermentation technology, he created the first concentrate of beneficial microorganisms performing fermentation, which was named TurboRaugo in 2016. Ramūnas Račkauskas constantly improved the production technology of TurboRough and it became more and more attractive and popular, so in the same year he created a group on the social network Facebook ``Probiotic food - a source of health``, where people shared their recovery stories and their experiences using food with ZOE.

As interest in beneficial microorganism concentrates continues to grow, in January 2020 Ramūnas Račkauskas founded UAB ``ProBIOduktai``, where he started the mass production of concentrates in the premises of a former cafe on Naugardukos Street in Vilnius. With the improvement of the production technology, the demand for concentrates of beneficial microorganisms grew rapidly, so the quantities produced in the cafe's premises began to no longer satisfy the growing demand. Realizing this, in October 2020, the founder of the company joined hands with Donatas Jurgelionis and Stasius Guzevičius, who became the company's shareholders and equal partners.

The demand for ZOE concentrates continued to grow, so at the beginning of 2021, production was moved to Luksnėnai, Alytus district, where a concentrate production factory was installed, where Ramūnas Račkauskas trained a professional team of food technologists and chefs to perform all technological and production processes and controlled the quality of the concentrates produced.


ZOE - the food of the future today!

UAB ``ProBIOduktai``
Tel.no.: +370 603 84522
E-mail: info@ekozoe.lt

Food processing entity registration no. 330000622 in the VMVT list 130021509

ZOE product author

Today's world is a real challenge for our body. Stress, low physical activity, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, polluted air and the ever-increasing pace of life have a negative impact on our health and that of our loved ones. We want to have a natural and organic remedy to help our bodies overcome these challenges. This is ZOE. We designed this product with people's well-being in mind. We believe that disease prevention is no less important than disease treatment, because preventing disease is often easier than curing it. We are happy to be able to offer a product that naturally strengthens immunity, makes us more resilient. The fact that health is our most valuable asset is an old and trite saying, but it does not make it any less true...

Ramūnas Račkauskas

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